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We are a young company which has been bringing custom handmade electric guitars and bass guitars to the market since the 1990. The experience we have acquired during the first decade of our existence led to a start of a professional hand-made production in 2000. In 2004, the company expanded to a guitar parts warehouse.These parts are dedicated for our manufacture and also for further re-sale. Thousands of guitars have passed through our hands during this period, positive and negative aspects of our work were revealed, which has all contributed to the improvements, new visions, and full-value inspiration. Today, we are being listed among the leading handmade manufacturers with a stable position on the market, daring future plans and ready offer for cooperation with global retailers and distributors.

We are enhancing our professional approach and customer relationship with our own recommendations and years of experience appreciated also by professional musicians. By combining quality rare wood, accurate treatment and constant improvement of production technology, we are able to meet the most demanding desires a musician can have. Diversity, quality and aesthetic treatments of the models guarantee their first-class features and classify them as the ones of the best instruments in the world.

The basis for each guitar produced in our workshop is a high grade, selected wood. Our instruments are equipped only with branded components, which guarantee trouble free usage as well as minimal maintenance. We perform the adjustments of our models in a short time. In professional equipment, we rely on the latest technologies and continuous modernization of our guitar workshop. This is one of the ways helping us to ensure the customers individual wishes to be fulfilled and to retain world-class and unique characteristics of each piece produced. During our existence, we have managed to develop many production patents, that ensure a guarantee for accuracy, quality and originality of products made in our workshop.

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