TB 5 Sivcak Bass No. 053914


Another great piece on sale! Familiarize yourself with it!

This is the latest bassguitar from the Sivcak Guitars workshop. Quality, finish and the sound, this is all hidden in this unique bass. Its low weight of 3.8 kgs will entice you for sure!

Woods used: US Swamp Ash body + CA Spalt Maple top impregnated with white stain and additionally highlighted by the orange sunburst. Middle piece of the body as well as the neck is made of a laminated mahogany and a flader maple. These woods are not only impressive, but also provide firm velvety tone.

Components: bridge and tuners by Hipshot Original, US, their low weight and resonance add a luxurious comfort. J   Delano pickups - Driver model, cooperating with active electronics "Mike Pope Flexcore" (often used in the Fodera basses), which I can confirm is one of the best active electronics out there. Its sound range is very delicate and dynamic at the same time... simply beautiful! ***

Short description of the electronics mentioned:

1 x volume double deck potentiometer + tone control (which works in passive mode), 1 x balance potentiometer - smooth ratio between the neck and the bridge pickup (centre click), 1 x treble potentiometer (centre click), 1 x bass potentiometer (centre click), 1 x double deck potentiometer with the mids and parametric mids frequencies (centre click) - importance of the mids can change the bassguitar characteristics invaluably, 1 x ON/OFF mini switch - active/passive mode. Passive sound is firm like with no active electronics and it is also possible to use the tone control placed under the volume potentiometer.

Neck: glued of several maple and mahogany parts, middle bars are of the exclusive flame maple... it is additionally reinforced with 2 graphite rods and one central truss rod, which works to both sides - provides detailed neck setup... fretboard is a special rosewood class, there is used very dark and dense wood... neck finish is a satin nitropaint. This finish is very comfortable and the hand can move fast, it is also suitable for the sweating hands... neck joint is long enough for 7 screws of steel.

2.5 mm thick fret wire has a long service life, it is made of steel, pretty glossy. Graphtech Black TUSQ nut provides a great resonance and guarantees keeping in tune.

Body finish is made of hard resonant high gloss varnish, which increases the instrument comfort.

Gotoh battery box is very reliable for a quick access to two 9 Volt batteries (passive mode does not require 9 Volt battery power supply). )

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-        SKB case included in the instrument price

-        Instrument can be returned within 7 days from the delivery undamaged and in a perfect condition.

(you have the opportunity to test the instrument in this period)

-        In case of return under the stated conditions, we guarantee to return the whole sum to your account.

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