BW#GS series

We have created the BW#gs model in cooperation with the designer and our company guitarist Brian Bajak. "It took a considerable amount of tweaking and adjustments until we got a perfectly sounding instrument. „
The design is based on the superstrat shape. Body cut-outs are customized for the players body when the right hand leans on a slight bevel and the left hand can easily access the highest positions of the 24-fret fingerboard.
Upper horn of the body is fully functional - anatomical grip is an important feature, which is cut out exactly according to the right hand. Impeccable manufacturing and original shapes are the signs of sense for detail and craftsmanship of Sivcak&Soller Guitars handmade manufacture.

Scalloped frets in the highest 6 positions is an essential feature of a BW#gs 24-fret fingerboard. Their role is to extend the sustain as the distances between the frets in these positions are often shorter than width of the little finger of most players. Such detail helps to improve the efficiency and the overall sound quality.
In the final design stages, we have subjected the unique flame guitar head shape to the functionality. Strings after the nut are straight without a change, until they reach the tuners.

The neck with a "C" shape is made ​​with high precision, excellent elegance and perfect finish. Structure can be adjusted by a truss rod. Uniform stability is achieved by two additional graphite rods. String action is super-low both in standard tuning and alternate downtuned tunings.
Cable input is protected by a top body plate and suits the straight and right-angle jack jacks. Each instrument has its individual serial number and the BW 6-7-8 gs logo imprinted on the back of the guitar body.

All instruments of the BW#gs series are 100% handmade in our workshop in Zákamenné, Slovakia.

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