Vintage series

We have taken the best features of all the guitars we’ve had a chance to get our hands on during the pasts years and put them in one very unique model.
The Vintage Sivcak series have completely replaced the previous Strat and Tele models, while maintaing all of their prime features. Fine-tuned details and selected quality are essential characteristics of these first-class instruments, as they have always been aimed to leave the best sonic and visual impression.

Elaborately selected wood guarantees full, dynamic response, which is then precisely translated by the hand-wound Bareknuckle Pickups, a combination which results in rich harmonic tone. Exceptional resonance in the bottom end is achieved by carefully chambered body.
There is no change in how the strings are angled after the nut position, which in result provides equal pressure and allows them to produce clear, balanced tone.
Body comes in either matte or laquered finish and is truly impressive. The top is approximately 7mm thick and its shape is curved and adjusted for comfort to fit players body and hands.

The guitars head has a sports a unique shape and allows for easy access to the two-way truss rod. The neck itself is strenghtened by 2 separate graphite rods for better neck and tuning stability. The guitars offers super-low action in both standard and alternate and drop tunings.
The fingerboard comes with 22 frets, has a 25,5“ scale and is equipped with extra strong (2,5 EH) fretwire. It also sports a compound, 10“/16“ radius, which allows for even more tone clarity and versatility for both lead and rhythmic playing.

All instruments of the Vintage series are 100% handmade in our workshop in Zákamenné, Slovakia.

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