OSC series

Brilliant treatment and maximum adaptation to players requirements is guaranteed with every instrument that leaves the Soller&Sivčák Guitars workshop. This is also the case of OSC Bass guitars models.
The guitar body contains many common features with the NDHS model. The elegant design is supplemented by a pickguard on the top side. Guitar body curvature is adapted to players body while maintaining easy access the highest positions up to the 22nd fret. A part of the neck joint is thinner than the rest of the body,which makes the overall transition of the body to the neck smoother.

The neck is adjustable with a truss rod and its stability is strenghtened with a pair of graphite rods, same as with other models. Guitar action is excellent in standard tuning as well as in dropped/alternate tunings. 17 mm thick head and the tuner mountings evoke the modern JazzBass.
We equip our OSC models with active electronics by EAST Retro or Fender. Additional active electronics installation is possible for the passive version. The options offered are just a desired sound factory built directly into the bass guitar.

Serial number, under which we keep detailed instrument records, is imprinted on the back of the guitar head. This allows us to have the information available regarding each specific instrument, on which we can perform maintenance and adjustments with ease.

All instruments from the OSC Bass series are 100% handmade in our workshop in Zákamenné, Slovakia.

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