TB series

TB Bass is a bass guitar model we have designed together with a great musician Tibor Borský. The first design has been built as a six string model, but soon the series saw the addition of five and four string versions. Elegant design and unique sound of these guitars became a preference of many musicians across a wide range of genres.

Guitar body curvature are adapted to players body and the hands can easily access the highest positions up to the 24th fret. The neck is adjustable with a truss rod and its stability is strenghtened with a pair of graphite rods. Bolt-on neck version has a neck attached by 7 steel screws bolts. Neck-through version provides fluent transition between the body and the neck. Customers will surely appreciate the neck comfort and workmanship, that are strong points of every piece made by the Sivcak&Soller Guitars. Thinner neck joint is very effective with a fast playing across the whole neck.

TB Bass guitar head is specifically angled, so that each string presses the nut with the same force. Its front part optically matches the top body plate wood. Its back part contains imprinted serial number, which helps with the intrument information lookup.
We are honored by a long-term cooperation with the Aguilar company, which provides us with reliable and versatile electronics for our bass guitars. OBP active electronics imbue our instruments with velvet sound and a wide range of clean bass frequencies.

All bass guitars of the TB series are 100% handmade in our workshop in Zákamenné, Slovakia.

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